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Body type perfume Kouros Yves Saint Laurent


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Body type perfume Kouros Yves Saint Laurent

Uncover the power and confidence that lies within you. Yves Saint Laurent Kouros men’s fragrance is inspired by the perfection of ancient Greek sculptures depicting athletes. The man who wears it wins the admiration and respect of others. This timeless fragrance gives you the feeling of eternal youth.

  • attractive aromatic fragrance with elements of syrup
  • for modern men who respect tradition
  • a youthful and at the same time mature aromatic composition

The composition of the perfume
The fragrance opens with an unusual blend of aromatic coriander and artemisia that, combined with the freshness of bergamot, arouses curiosity and intensifies the desire for adventure. Στη συνέχεια, κυριαρχούν σταδιακά οι μυστηριώδεις συγχορδίες του γιασεμιού, που γίνονται ακόμη πιο ιδιαίτερες χάρη στο μοσκοκάρφι. The intensity and depth of the fragrance is due to the warm amber and earthy lichen.

Top notes sage, aldews, bergamot, absinth, coriander
Middle notes vetiver, cinnamon, patchouli, iris, gardenia, jasmine, cloves
Base notes honey, leather, vanilla, amber, lichen, musk
Perfume category Aromatic

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